About us


New Star Republic is an Incorporated, created the May, 01, 2007 by adoption of the statutes during a general meeting with the initiative of businessmen group composed of different nationalities. 

With registered under the following legal reference. 
Trade name: New Star Republic Inc. 
Legal form: Incorporated
Federal Employer Identification Number: 02-0807123
Business Registration Number: 0100979228
State of New Jersey - United States of America

New Star Republic Inc. is an international business network group based in United States of America.

With representative offices in Europe, Canada, China, Africa, South Korea and India.

New Star Republic Inc. is an engineering structure and financial expertise, funding research and technical partners for the  private sector and governments.

The organization combined several years of international business experience amongst its highly specialized and experienced staff.

New Star Republic Inc. international operations commenced about many years ago with projects successfully executed on fields including energy, technologie, telecommunication, mineral, real estate,  infrastructure,  agro business, agro industry, transportation, trade, media, computer engineering, commodity procurement,  and other sector.

We operate with formidable organizations with tract records of efficiencies, performance and excellent customer satisfaction.

New Star Republic Inc. currently concentrates in projects and program opportunities in Africa.

We have adequate local representatives in several countries and global networking to facilitate our projects and programs.

We also have contacts and relationships with high government officials to facilitate business transactions.