Our organization business area includes the following:

Import and Export Services ( Direct & Contract basis)

Procurements and Supplies Services including specific consulting services.

Turnkey (Industrial, Manufacturing, Technology, Energy and Agricultural) Projects Plans Development & feasibility studies.

Public & Private sector Projects Set Up plans, Management & Joint venture (foreign technical partnership collaboration services.)

Infrastructural and General developmental projects: This includes but  not limited to projects  in  road construction,
Urban  modernization, Water project including construction of dams and  irrigation system, water treatment plants, 
Development of transportation network including Airports, water ways, land transportation rail transportation, and other
city and urban transportation development and modernization.
Energy, Electricity, Rural Power supply and Industrial power supply.
Construction and  development of  Housing Projects, commercial projects, Government projects.
Housing and Office Complex, School and educational projects, and other public sector construction  projects.
Health Development Projects including Hospital projects and construction, equipment and maintenance, Military Hospital and facilities.
Military, Police and Para-Military Projects  including construction, equipment supply and installation, infrastructure up grades and modernization  and  other  related  military projects.
Telecommunications and Telephone Projects for both the urban and rural areas including equipment procurement, supply and  installations.
Manufacturer’s Representative
Consultancy Services for Multi-lateral projects such as World Bank projects, USAID, US Exim Bank, IFC Projects, WHO  projects, Private Foundations, and other major multi-lateral Banks and Donor projects.
Financing & Funding Sourcing for Foreign Investments / Projects & Financial planning strategies and Foreign Institutional Investments.
Sourcing and Placement  of Foreign Technical Partners, Foreign Capital  Investors  in Projects; and Project Links to technical groups, Manufacturers, Industrialists, Patent right ownership.
The primary goal our group is the need to provide our clients with desirable and competitive services utilizing the strength of our International  network and  global  spread.
Our organization is boasted by a solid co-operation  with over a dozen internationally recognized organized private sector groups across  North America, Europe, Midd le East, Africa and the Far East where our Network conglomerates exists.
The extensive contact of Multi-level marketing outfit like New Star Republic Inc. has greatly increased and facilitated the execution  trade  and  businesses all over the world.
Our operations are therefore tailored along the advantage of global business network system  that allows us to render services in terms of:
Quality Product Sourcing with competitive pricing.
Our approach to service delivery and management of your service orders and projects allow our clients to benefit tremendously from  low cost of sourcing, highly competitive and high grade products, and  efficient delivery and security of client’s  resources and services.
Cost effective operations with our services rendered  in bulk pack.
Which include, sourcing, negotiation, banking co-ordination, & shipping.
Time-Saving operations in terms of delivery and execution of orders.
Client Tailored request and mostly we allow the customer (buyer) to provide specification which we sourced and implemented utilizing our global network of partner organizations across the globe.
To our organization, the world is a geographical expression of a single market place, in which the new  millennium’s economic strength shall be defined on the basis of outreach and ability to participate in the global business network.



New Star Republic Inc. is a globalization advisory and impact investment advisory firm.
We provide strategic, program management, and acquisition advisory services to both US and Western European companies expanding operations into the developing world and companies from the developing world expanding into the US market.


We have highly experienced  team that combined  to provide and render services and consultancies with over twenty-five years in various fields.

We team comprised of technical team  that covers the projects and  industrial business scope with wide experience.

We also have team with requisite financial  background  that render excellent financial advisory services, project financial consultancies and extensive capacity to source funding for projects.

Our One-Stop- team based  in the United States covers all aspects of our operations with various responsibilities and from diverse nationalities.

We have tested experience hands and with advantage of great network, we do not hesitate to partner our network associates across the global  to facilitate the execution of our various projects; contracts; and consulting services.

Our team of experienced  personnel is currently based  in United States, Canada, China, India, South Korea, Europe  and  Africa.


New Star Republic Inc. provides standard modalities to our clients to assist and facilitate projects execution.

We generally carry mandates of our principals and proceed to represent  them  in  the sourcing, negotiation and execution of  the various contracts and   projects.

The standard procedure  is to contact our corporate office with the following  procedure:

Provide Letter of Intent for the service(s) we are required to provide
Our organization studies and  provides a Corporate Offer and/or Response to the LOI.
Our organization follow up with documents/information to assist the client seek decisions.
We obtain a Memorandum of Understanding, Contract agreement; Mandates Letter; Power of Attorney as may be required in the specific projects or contract.

We proceed to exchange vital  information  including  pricing, negotiation; Banking coordinates information, Contract agreement, Pro forma Invoice, MoU  for turnkey & projects, guarantees, indemnities  in the case of financing, shipping  information and other vital issues such as commission payments and payment  procedures  or  modalities.

The established parties sign the final  notice of project execution with all relevant documents/information  already exchanged and agreed  to.

Follow up on the agreed terms and shipments.

Certification of the delivery and payment of commission as specified in the agreement.

The preliminary discussion will allow  the parties to determine  if  the parties will in effect allow New Star Republic Inc. to undertake the project and the company will equally determine if it is an assignment it will undertake.

Once this stage has been firmed up, the parties will enter into a Memorandum of Understanding  (MoU) and sign any other  relevant agreements.

This will define the scope of New Star Republic Inc. Investments Involvement in the project, which  may  include the following;

Preparation of Plan, Studies, and technical project details
Sourcing of Technical project developers, managers, contractors and engineers for specific projects
Sourcing of finance and funding for projects
Sourcing of Materials, equipment and resources for project development
Undertaking of construction for various projects
Commissioning, maintenance and management of projects.

New Star Republic Inc. will also utilize its global network to assist project sponsors to facilitate their visit to any part of the world during the process of project preparation.

The trade visits will most frequently allow the project sponsors to participate in the actually preparation  stage and acquire more knowledge about the project they are about to undertake.

We currently request and invite the following to contact us:

Project Sponsors and Promoters looking for the most idea consulting strategies to execute their current project.
Financiers and Project investors that  are looking for the most desirable, viable and feasible project  in both the Private and  Public Sector Project.
Consultants, Technical Partnership Groups, Project Managers, Project developers, Engineering groups, Suppliers and Other  reputable companies or organization looking to invest, explore and receive contracting opportunities and  projects in over area of coverage.

CONTACT:  We invite you to contact our office via any of the contact information links provided  below and we would be available to provide you with commensurate services that you desire in any of the projects we have expertise to undertake utilizing our Global Network outreach all over the World.

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 We would conduct your business like you will have actually envisioned.